Among other things, the Fundación Brandt has set itself the goal to encourage the use and dissemination of homoeopathy and other non-conventional methods of healing.

A distinctive feature of homoeopathic medicine, which was developed by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), is the fact that the constituents of homoeopathic medication do not act directly on the material level but that they have an influence on the superior structure from which our world has originated. Since matter, which is subordinate to space and time, virtually congeals from within this higher dimensional template (therefore remaining connected to it), it is possible to stimulate the molecules and cells of a living body via their matrix beyond.

In homoeopathy, due to the extreme dilution, the properties of the acting agent ultimately remain present only in the higher template of itself, and by means of the relevant stimulation in that of its solvent. A carrier-substance conditioned in this way is able to affect a sick human, animal or plant organism on a non-material level in line with its active agent, whereby the inevitable retroaction on the attached physis activates the self-healing and regulatory powers of the latter.

A similar principle applies to spiritual healing, e.g. the laying on of hands. Here too, the recovery of the body takes place through a gentle influence (without side effects) on its non-material template, whereby the corresponding stimulation emanates from the higher dimensional origins of the healer, occasionally with quite revolutionary implications.

In conjunction with the aforementioned and other methods of healing and diagnosis, the Fundación Brandt supports the establishment of a model clinic for homoeopathy in Northern Peru. This project will not only offer highly advanced methods of treatment, but will provide a basis for research (without animal testing) and training. On the one hand this will contribute to the enhancement of the overall potential of homoeopathy and on the other it will serve to open up new areas of application other than for humans and animals; for instance the treatment of agricultural plants.

  Homoeopathic Research: Problems and Results on Effectiveness - including Data from the Program for the Evaluation of Complementary Medicine PEK  OOO