The Fundación Brandt is committed to the concept that, as a matter of principle, insight is to be regarded as a path that is suited to bring people closer together. Therefore it sees the cross as an admonition to mankind; when being challenged by the highest insight, not to look for something that is incompatible, but for something that unifies.

With this in mind the Foundation would like to make a contribution to clarify the extremely difficult questions posed by mankind about the why and whence. Fundamental to this is the conviction that an extensive first attempt at an answer had reached its temporary limits with the crucifixion of Jesus and considering the totality of human comprehension, these limits may be overcome at the present time.

Central to this, the point of departure should be the realization that the experiencing consciousness is a non-dimensional component beyond all structured reality; something that exists from within itself, knowing no origin, dimension, nor end, even though it experiences the created, dimensional and limited worlds as an apparent integral part thereof.

The Fundación Brandt invites one to make the mystery of experience accessible to scientific rationality. Based upon the realization that consciousness is not formed out of matter but that it generates experience of a material world solely through the limitation of itself, a more encompassing science of physics could evolve, which defines so far unexplained phenomena as inherent laws of a multidimensional structure of communicating realities.

Eventually the precise sciences of modern mankind would play a part in articulating the inspiration of faith.

The establishment of the Fundación Brandt coincides with the confidence that from a human point of view, both inspirational as well as analytical, the mystery of the oneness of all separate existence within the non-dimensional essence of God can be fathomed – thereby opening up the possibility for human beings to find a common ground, transcending all cultural and religious barriers.