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According to its statutes the Fundación Brandt has neither political nor religious objectives. Within the framework of epistemology it concerns itself with the question about the origin of all being and the reason for conscious existence. Therefore, the concept of God is not used in a religious context and is equated to the non-dimensional existence of pure consciousness, which has to be the source of all dimensional experience.

The fundamental idea behind this is that our reality, by reason of the relativity of its components like space and time (i.e. their dimensional characteristics), is derived from superordinate structures which themselves are once more of a relative and dimensional nature, and that it is not the individual worlds of a supposed multidimensional continuum, which create the consciousness that is experiencing within their boundaries, but that it is consciousness alone, by limiting itself, which produces the dimensional experience. As a result, these dimensional realities only "exist" insofar as they are conscious experiences, while the non-dimensionality of the unconfined consciousness is the "location" of the true being, the unity of all being.

The activities of the Fundación Brandt appear in this context: Through the promotion of homoeopathy and similar methods of healing, the Foundation for instance draws attention to the interrelation of the dimensional links of our world. It also attempts to raise awareness of the oneness of all being by encouraging us to first and foremost discover the experiencing consciousness in nature and all its creatures.

The Fundación Brandt is campaigning to convert belief into knowledge and in this way to help overcome restraints, particularly those placed on people by religion. Therefore, it does not view the deeper insights of Jesus Christ in a religious sense but hopes that his spiritual approach will come to be understood as the greatest possible convergence towards a universally valid philosophy.