As one of its goals, the Fundación Brandt aims to promote the protection of animals and plants as well as the conservation of the environment.

The Foundation is advocating a greater regard for all creatures capable of suffering, whether they are wild or part of our civilized environment, thereby encouraging a loving and responsible concern for everything that feels the heavy burden of life as we humans do.

In doing so, it will become apparent that the attempt to empathize with our fellow-beings of flora and fauna for their own sake, is also a gentle exercise for humans to acquire a greater understanding of their fellow men – that by the caring empathy for nature and its creatures, constructive powers are set free, which will, as a matter of course, shape and favourably change the interaction between people.

This synergy effect of everything that lives, which arises from a dedicated empathy and leads away from the non-inspirational deterioration in our world of prevailing confrontation, towards an enhancement of the natural talents and abilities of so many creatures, is an expression of the oneness of all being, out of which each individual existence emanates.

The predominant principle on this earth, namely that of hunting and being hunted, will only be transformed very gradually. The Fundación Brandt shares the conviction that our world is nevertheless destined for something greater and that the human race is capable of developing a fundamental attitude which will unconditionally preserve the basic natural conditions of life and avoid suffering.

In Northern Peru the Foundation provides tangible support for the veterinary (also homoeopathic) treatment as well as the comprehensive care of stray, neglected or maltreated animals; also of those injured in an accident or otherwise sick and whose owners are possibly unable to afford treatment. In many cases this includes vaccination and sterilization to prevent uncontrolled reproduction.

In addition to the above, on the plantation "El Coco" in Northern Peru the Fundación Brandt oversees the implementation of ecologically sound methods of agriculture in combination with the application of homoeopathic medicine for the treatment of plant diseases. It also monitors the conservation of natural forests and the protection of wildlife on this plantation and the surrounding area.

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