Clairvoyance in its Context

Our physical reality did not originate with a Big Bang as is claimed in cosmology.

The Big Bang Theory cannot explain where the energy came from that had allegedly concentrated at one point before the Universe exploded and expanded. What happened before time began? What was there when space had not yet existed? Perhaps the "void"? But how did the energy that would later form a whole Universe enter this "void"? These are questions that remain unanswered within the context of the so-called standard model of cosmology as we know it today.

This model only explains how our world took shape from the moment that the potential Universe had supposedly existed in an infinitely small nucleus. However, with respect to the implied energy it is necessary to postulate an origin, which obviously could not be a "nothing" but had to be a "something". In actual fact, matter came into being by some kind of coagulation of a substance, which forms part of a dimensionality superior to the four dimensions of space and time of our Universe. The "proto matter" of the higher dimension gives rise to matter so that our world, as it were, hangs down from that dimensionality.

Consequently, the higher dimensionality has to have an origin as well, as it too can only be the "coagulation" of a subsequent reality. In fact, a multidimensional continuum exists in which one reality has its source in another. This continuum has its origin in the Mystery, the source of all Being, which cannot be grasped without understanding the greatest riddle of all: the consciousness.

When a conscious being (whether human, animal or plant, or even a molecule or atom - anything that exists has its own consciousness) moves from our physical reality into the next dimensionality, called the astral world, it is accompanied by its consciousness, which expands to a certain degree thereby returning to a completeness of feeling. In actual fact, the consciousness initially came from that astral world and entered into the physical realm by being born as human or animal for instance, thereby subjecting itself to partial restriction.

It is important to understand that with the emergence of each physical existence not only does the higher dimensional substance coagulate to become matter (or, as the case may be, the already existing coagulated matter arranges itself) but part of the consciousness reproduces this transition by a limitation of itself, thereby ending the perception of that which "was" in the higher reality.

We identify this normal state of our consciousness as the "waking consciousness". In the same way as matter remains connected to its higher dimensional substance of origin, unable to break away from it, so does the waking consciousness of a being that experiences physical reality stay connected to its "original consciousness", which continues to exist simultaneously in its astral locality.

However, the waking consciousness does not readily have access to the contents of its own higher existence, the so-called subconscious, which is actually a "superior consciousness".

Generally, in the case of clairvoyance, specific centres in the body of a living being open up, allowing the penetration of a certain amount of perceptions, which its own (superior) consciousness on the astral plane is subject to. In addition to that which is perceived in the physical reality, the clairvoyant "sees" or "hears" etc. from a higher dimensional perspective. This perspective allows him or her to see the past and the future because the dynamics of time lapse are only a relative impression within our world. From the higher dimension the time axis is perceived as being simultaneous and static; in spite of this, the exact moment that is consciously experienced in our world, is precisely known.

Of course the axis of time in itself, together with the other components of the Universe, is subject to changes that emanate from the dynamics of the astral dimensionality itself, or rather from the dynamics of higher dimensions transmitted by the astral plane. For a clairvoyant to be able to foresee this total truth, his or her perception must be rooted in a realm, which is superior to that from which the transferred impulses are emanating. In this case the waking consciousness would communicate through the continuum of his or her own (superior) consciousness with essential elements of his or her own being, the so-called Spiritual Guides, analogous to the multidimensional continuum of realities. Perhaps the consciousness of the clairvoyant is not yet united with these Guides as they exist in rather advanced and complete realities, which represent the higher and highest levels of the clairvoyant‘s own entire consciousness, the "Superior Soul", which is possibly not yet accessible to the clairvoyant because of his or her degree of spiritual maturity. Depending on the level of the Guides with whom he or she can communicate, a person may possess a rather high and comprehensive inspiration. Clairvoyant abilities will be overwhelming when the clairvoyant already senses the imminent fusion with his or her own Spiritual Guides, particularly in the case of the highest kind of Guides.

Let us try to understand that in principle we all have Spiritual Guides, as we are all constituent parts of higher entities. We communicate with the higher planes of our own consciousness while we dream, or by means of inspiration during our daily lives. Clairvoyants have simply developed more clarity and fluidity in this kind of basic communication.

All beings experience and express themselves dimensionally in whatever form or complexity; all emanate from the same Mystery from which they break away by subjecting themselves to dimensional limitations and with which they unite once more. This Mystery is the One and Only that has neither beginning nor end and whose non-dimensional nature is outside any dimensional relative category; it is consciousness per se, the only existence: God.