Coconut palms and Tamarind cultures alternate with natural Carob forests on the plantation "El Coco".

Altogether 5 wells and nutrient-rich waters from the Andes rivers are supplying the plantation with water.

Humus production renders it possible to dispense with artificial fertilizers and contributes significantly to the resistance of plants against pests and diseases.

A delicious extract made from Carob pods, which is an indispensable ingredient of many typically Peruvian desserts and an important export product of Northern Peru, is produced by the fruit processing plant.

The "Fundo Verde" Certificate was given to the plantation "El Coco" by the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture; it is an award which calls for a high standard of ecological management.

A Certificate granted by the BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH for Organic Agriculture, which applies to the European Market for Coconuts, Tamarinds, Carob pods and the Carob extract "De Vicús".