Possibilities and Limits of Spiritual Healing

The fact that our physical world was not created by a nothingness but quasi coagulated from within a substantial, higher dimensional reality that is not subject to our concept of space and time, helps us to understand so-called paranormal phenomena, which include Spiritual Healing.

The congealing of our material world into space and time would also mean that the secondary physical dimensions cannot escape from the higher dimensional sphere which creates them. The nature of this sphere, being related to the physical and consequently just as relative and dimensional, in turn points to its own creation from an even more complex dimensionality with which it has to remain connected in the same way, et cetera, et cetera. Thus we are looking at a multidimensional continuum of worlds emerging from one another through which impulses can be conveyed until they reach our reality.

Our world can therefore obviously not exist independently from its next higher dimensional matrix. Together with its laws it is configured by the higher dimensional template. This template is also called Astral World. It is the Beyond, the world into which we pass straight after death, and from which we came before we were born.

In line with its higher degree of organization, the body of all living beings is determined by an additional astral template that is superimposed on the above-mentioned matter-arranging matrix. Clairvoyants sometimes see this so-called astral body as an aura that envelopes the physical body. This is the vehicle with which the consciousness stays connected to the next higher plane and which defines the physical manifestation during the lifetime of an individual in all its characteristics and changes.

Imbalances or handicaps, progression of diseases and processes of ageing are portrayed in their totality within the astral body beyond space and time. When, due to energetic processes during a spiritual healing the providential and determining structure of the astral template is changed positively, this action is transferred to the living body as a healing impulse. Thereby the physical body necessarily adapts as a result of an influence that is above any physical law (in that sense being a-causal), since the organism as well as our entire reality cannot exist independently and contrary to its higher dimensional matrix.

In theory every living being could be spontaneously and completely cured of its organic diseases in this way. However, we need to consider that we are subject to a predestined process of experience throughout our God-given existence, which will allow us to spiritually mature and expand the horizon of our soul that encompasses the totality of the individual consciousness.

Every experience therefore, whether happy, or sad and trying, perfects our being. Even the direct and indirect experience of physical suffering can be constructive in that it helps us to progress. So, when a sick person happens to be someplace where the above-mentioned healing impulses may be granted to him, or when he goes to see a healer through whose own astral body the healing impulses are transferred to him, his physical ailments may possibly disappear. However, if in line with predestination some unfinished aspects regarding the experience of physical suffering remain, healing will not be possible or else only partly.

Other diseases are repeatedly induced by the patient‘s own mental attitude. If this is the case it may be due to a fundamental immaturity of the consciousness that directly affects the physical body and which has to be overcome first; or it could be certain counterproductive attitudes in everyday life that have to be changed before a cure will be permanent.

Of course life situations and mental attitudes gradually change over time so that in principle a total cure is possible at a later stage - as long as life improves the soul there is hope for spiritual healing of the body.