Predestination and "Free Will"

  • The problem of Predestination and of "free will" is one of those things which seen from within our reality is the most difficult to understand, because we cannot prevent the question from arising: what is experience in the first place and how does the reality of our world actually function? This leads us to the attempt to describe Creation in its fundamentals.

    The concept of Creation reliably shows us the way because it means that something has been created that had not been there before, except that something must have been there out of which it came into being. The place from which a whole reality with all its structures and laws can be created consequently remains "outside" this newly established system. Seen from the perspective of this place, every smallest detail in a reality like ours must appear to be fixed, since the course of its time and the expansion of its space have been created at the same time - as structures to enable experience.

    God can thus fully survey the realities which He has created. How could something which He has created Himself, possibly be invisible to Himself? It could only disappear if He took it back unto Himself.

    Our world for instance, appears to God - in its sequences as well as its expansions - as a system that is finite and with clearly defined boundaries. He also has a precise knowledge of the dimensions of that particular reality, which encompasses our physical world; and He also created the structures in which the latter is embedded. Imagine it as a continuous movement of realities, as a multidimensional continuum, whilst the view from one reality towards another subordinate one, will always convey a truer picture of its structures, than the perspective within this subordinate dimension would allow.

    God can therefore survey all worlds which He has created. Nothing is hidden from Him and therefore He also knows what the future will hold. From His non-structured position He watches over all structure; He creates this structure and with it that which we call reality, while He himself is exempt from any structure because of His "non-dimensional" existence.

  • This non-dimensional Being of God which is beyond all reality – it is pure Consciousness, sole and only entity, everywhere and forever. It is the only Reality that exists and out of this God lives in all "realities" of his creation simultaneously. For it is His Consciousness, which in the Act of Creation allows Itself to experience "reality", and we humans too, are He when the world around us begins to move.

    So, in truth, Creation is a sequence within God’s Consciousness, which through an apparent division of Itself is able to arrive at those numerous consciously experienced realities. These realities only last insofar as God makes it possible for Himself to experience them by means of such states of consciousness as are "dimensionally downgraded" from His own Consciousness.

    What we call our reality is in truth nothing more than an illusion, which God is subject to within us. He will certainly continue to know His whole creation in its entire determination of all dimensional components, because He remains in His all-knowing, non-dimensional existence. But in addition to this He simultaneously experiences in us, as well as in all our co-creatures, in their various forms of being, the reality-inherent imponderability of structured existence.

    God consequently knows that we have no choice, but in us He experiences what it is like to believe that we have a choice. This is the purpose. Because as novel as the experience of a new day is for us, so it is for Him when He makes this experience in us.

    What is it like to love another being? What is it like when we create something from within ourselves, a piece of art for instance? Or, when we have to make a difficult decision? How does it feel when, after a long maturation period of the soul, we come to a new and greater understanding?

    Divine Predestination and human free will are therefore not contradictory as it may at first appear, because God’s non-dimensional omniscience and His dimensional experience are one and the same.